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NGO Estonian Grilling Union

Estonian Grilling Union

The non-governmental organization Estonian Grilling Union was founded on September 16, 2008.

The desire of the founders is to create in Estonia a broadbased national organization, the members of which would promote grilling and barbecuing and all the good things that are related to it through their activities.

The union membership is open to both private persons as well as legal entities.

The goals of the Estonian Grilling Union are to:

  • promote and introduce grilling and barbecuing as methods of food preparation;
  • participate in events that promote grilling and barbecuing and to develop such events, including by reviving the tradition of regional grilling competitions along with grill activists on the county level;
  • organize the training of grilling and barbecuing competition judges;
  • organize the work of the judges at competitions;
  • promote products and services related to grilling.

In case of questions and the need for further information, You are welcome to get in touch with the Estonian Grilling Union through the phone number +372 504 3000 or the e-mail address 

See the event calendar of Estonian Grilling Union

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